Sail Croatia – Split area

Sail Croatia – Split
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Tourists flock to Split each year, as it offers many hidden bays & islands. Must-see destination are:
Inhabited Islands to consider in the area of Split, are Brač,Solta,Drvenik Veliki,Drvenik Mali,Ciovo,Hvar,Scedro,Sv.Klementin,Vis,Bisevo. Each offers a range of beach types, water sports & summer festivals.
A short bus ride from Split is Trogir, which is protected by UNESCO.
Split plays a vital role in the region, as the second biggest city (after Zagreb), Split evolved from the palace of the Roman emperor Diocletian. The Palace remains are protected by UNESCO, described as being one of the best preserved Roman architectural structures in the world.
split port

peristil Split

This photo is taken by AllWinner's v3-sdv

This photo is taken by AllWinner’s v3-sdv

Sailing Croatia: 7-day itinerary from Split

Suited to those who want to avoid the partying and clubs and instead enjoy the cultural sites.

You  looking at sailing Croatia options for this summer. So many route choices.  So little time. When charter boat in Croatia you are usually required to book the vessel for a weekSatrday to Satrday,whit me you dont have this limit 1 day or 11.  Seven glorious days saling from Split. Bliss. But first, you have to choose where to go. Here is one  of the many options that we’ve been considering.

7 days departing & returning  to Split.

Sailing Croatia day 1 – Split – Šolta

Maslinica is the only settlement on the island of Šolta’s western coast. Known for it’s mini-archipelago of seven isles, it’s the perfect place to dive and fish.

Sailing Croatia day 2: Šolta – Zlarin

Continue diving and fishing on the largely uninhabited island of Zlarin, located in the Šibenik archipelago.

Sailing Croatia day 3: Zlarin – Skradin

Skradin is a city with a historical  city located close to the famous Krka National Park, popular for it’s waterfalls.

Sailing Croatia.  National Park.

N.P. Krka

Sailing Croatia. National Park. Krka

krka 2

N.P Krka

Sailing Croatia day 4: Skradin – Šibenik – Tribunj

Head to Šibenik, where you’ll find the UNESCO The Cathedral of St James in Šibenik The Cathedral is a magnificent example of a blend of architectural heritage from northern Italy, Tuscany, and Dalmatia. The most significant of architectural Renaissance monuments in Croatia, the Cathedral of St. James stands majestically over its many visitors.


St. James Cathedtral.

Sailing Croatia day 5: Tribunj – Primošten

Tribunj is a town 15km from Šibenik, known for it’s summer donkey race. Be there as people race stubborn donkeys, and also enjoy the the quiet beach near the town of Sovje

Tribunj from air.

tribunj from air


Pull up anchor in one of the 400 berths at the Kremik marina, said to be one of the safest places to anchor in the Adriatic and enjoy the azure sea – and perhaps a few glasses of wine. Primošten is filled with stone houses and would make a great place to spend the day wandering the cobblestone streets.

Croatia Sailing Itinerary – Primošten Marina

Sailing Croatia day 6: Primošten – Trogir

Croatia Sailing – Primošten Marina

Croatia Sailing – Primošten Marina

Trogir is a city-museum, the castle and the tower, surrounded by stone walls, contain the old core of Trogir. Home to one of the best structures of medieval architecture in Europe, it boasts the best-preserved Roman-Gothic complex in Central Europe. Enrolled as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997 due to its unparalleled beauty and cultural value.

Sailing Croatia day 7: Trogir – Uvala Krknjaši (Veli Drvenik) – Split

Trogir port

Trogir port


Veli Drvenik is an island in the Split riviera, close to Trogir where you’ll find the Uvala Krknjaši. There is  a small which offers accommodation and fresh fish small orginal tavern.

krnjasi bay

krnjasi bay


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