Croatia sailing week

MONTH OF DREAMS, Croatia sailing week
A special guide to the hidden bays of the Adriatic coast.Discover hidden coves and Adriatic islands
The Croatian coast attracts boaters natural wealth, many islands and Breathtaking beaches.

The Croatian Adriatic Sea, one of the world’s most beautiful sea, sailors attracts its vast bottomless blue, turquoise bays, sand and pebble beaches, small coastal cities, urban centers, historical monuments under UNESCO protection and nature. Very well developed nautical infrastructure, lots of ports, marinas and anchorages are an additional benefit.

This is why Croatia is known as a destination for boaters that offers a unique experience, and those who come, ready to come back, waiting for them 1,244 islands, islets, and reefs, more than a thousand coves, bays and ports on islands and the mainland.
Whoever once developed core to the magical Adriatic Sea, experienced the birth of a new day through the porthole and sailed into the harbor at sunset that turquoise bay turns into gold – will be back again! Navigation one of the most beautiful seas of the world, which is so pure that you can see and 50 meters below the surface, where they play a school of fish and grills clouds from Istria to Dubrovnik, is an unforgettable experience. The best way is that you can discover countless bays and hidden places where you will be just you and your ship with the singing waves. We bring you suggestions where to print out and why. For you to choose the location and start as soon as the sailing experience that cannot be good enough to describe in words. Well, you cannot, and the wind in the back!

Riviera Dubrovnik, Mljet and Lastovo

Elafiti, National Park Mljet and undiscovered Lastovanjci

Emerge from the heaven on earth – Dubrovnik – and enjoy the gentle breezes take you about 13 Elaphite islands and their beaches, caves and clear blue sea. Sail on towards the island of Mljet and the national park. Mljet is the largest island of the Dubrovnik archipelago, and there is an in inaccessible caves refuge of the Mediterranean monk seal, which with a little luck you can see, I see one last summer near Mljet.

Mediterranean monk seal



In the western part of the island is a National Park Mljet,

That will simply leave you speechless with its unspoiled nature.




Mljet Polace by Davor summer 2016

the beauty of the Great and Small lakes, which are connected by a narrow strait to the open sea, as well as the islet of Sv. Marija with a Benedictine monastery from the 12th century, with that suit small boat … This is not the end because it is close to Lastovo and – because of its beautiful bays, pristine coastline, and lush vegetation, it is an ideal destination for boaters. Sail around the island and visit the lighthouse on the island

that will simply leave you speechless with its unspoiled nature, the beauty of the Great and Small lakes, which are connected by a narrow strait to the open sea, as well as the islet of Sv. Marija with a Benedictine monastery from the 12th century, with that suit small boat … This is not the end because it is close to Lastovo and – because of its beautiful bays, pristine coastline, and lush vegetation, it is an ideal destination for boaters. Sail around the island and visit the lighthouse on the island Glavat or Susac lighthouse on the island. The safest bays for anchoring are hidden port on the south side, Velo Lago in the west and Zaklopatica on the island. If you want to dive right into the exotic paradise of sandy beaches, sail to the islands Kopište and Saplun. Do not miss the islands of Lastovo archipelago – Lastovnjake – these islands Mrčaru and Susac. The impressions that you will take with you are what you will remember forever.

Korcula and Peljesac

Hidden bays and steep cliffs Korcula with unspoiled  Beautiful bay.

From the city at the foot of Srđ you can sail and towards enchanting Korcula. The island is supposedly the home of the beautiful nymph Kerkyra, the heroine of Greek mythology and world traveler Marco Polo. The northern coast of the island is relatively low and easily accessible with several natural harbors, which are well protected from the wind: Korcula, Banja, Racisce and Korcula. The south coast is indented but steep. The ship will be able to enjoy the view of the cliffs that plunge into the sea from a height up to 30 meters. But, and here one can find a docile bay sheltered from the north wind, such as Zavalatica, Pupnatska port, Prizba and Grscica. The largest and best-protected bay is Vela Luka, in the extreme western part of the island. Korcula from Peljesac peninsula divides the Peljesac channel, and among them is the smallest distance 1270 meters. Do not miss snorkeling on the beaches Mokal, Trstenica, Dingač or housing, where you meet the crystal clear waters. One of the most beautiful bays is wonderful, a pebble beach where you can enjoy, and that’s all there really must. No restaurant nor shops – just you, the boat and the sea.

Hvar, Vis, Solta and Brac
The most beautiful beaches in Europe are here!

gems of Dalmatia – Split

Across the gems of Dalmatia – Split – a rich cultural and historical heritage, which has an airport and harbor – lies the island of Brac, the highest and third largest in the Adriatic Sea.
It is covered with pine forests, vineyards and olive groves, as well as the famous stone. One of the most famous Croatian beach – Zlatni rat in Bol – situated right on it. The beach is it that the “moving” because the stones were bent to the wind is blowing and a single day is not the same! Navigate you with Milna, Supetar or Postire and enjoy the wonderful smell of the sea and views of the coast that rope hidden coves of turquoise. Visit the bay Lucice, which is located two nautical miles from the port of Split, and is known for its clear sea and pine forest.
South of Brac is the longest Croatian island – Hvar, which smells of lavender. It is surrounded by dark blue sea and is a paradise for sailing but will only be a problem where all stand because there’s so much to offer, not only in the summer months. Hvar, Stari Grad, Jelsa and Sucuraj are located on the island, not far from the Pulp and islands, an extremely popular destination for sailing. The beautiful sandy and pebble beaches that are perfect anchor and watch the sunset among the most beautiful on the Adriatic and a true pleasure to visit them by boat.

Sail to Vis

Stay  Hvar behind and sail deeper into the Adriatic Sea, catch the afternoon breeze (maestral) to the island of Vis – away from all worries. All who see it, because they love it now! It’s beautiful, almost pristine clear waters and bays that are ideal for anchoring and guštanje. One of them is Stiniva – recently voted the best beach in the whole of Europe! There are also Budihovac, which has a sandy beach which can be reached only by boat, this little cove Grass. Do not forget the green cave, or the Biševo with sandy beaches and the Blue Cave breathtaking! Vis archipelago includes the islands of the Holy One, and Apple and the Palagruza archipelago, which is ideal for holidays. Stop by and Solta, which is closer to the mainland, but so rich in beautiful bays collapsed, Poganica, Zaglav, Tatinja or Senj. One thing is certain – one weekend for all of this will not be enough! Or return or an annual plan that in these locations will surely be magical.

Sibenik, Vodice, Tribunj, Skradin and the Kornati
Immerse yourself in fresh water, but also in a sea of the island!

Marina Kremik Croatia

The pleasure is sailing between picturesque nearby islands and visits Primošten. Then, under the thick walls of the fortress of St. Nicholas to enter the channel of St. Anthony and sail to Sibenik. Or under the bridge turn around to Prokljan Lake and at the confluence sail into Skradin, where the two thousand years ago the ancient Romans tied their boats in its harbor Horea, where the marina today. Near the Krka National Park with its beautiful waterfalls that are flying all over the place and where you can swim. And if you want an irresistible adventure, you can disembark from sailboats and motorcycles go around the National Park. And then later sail from Skradin to Vodice and Tribunj and their islands Zlarin and Prvić with beautiful beaches to Murter, an island of fishermen, where they placed a beautiful village Tisno, Hramina, Betina and lakes. After that print into a sea of islands – Kornati! They are the densest archipelago in the Mediterranean and most of it is part of the National Park. Nowhere is in such a small space crammed as much of the island – 150 of them! You will be fascinated and mesmerized by and you think that you are dreaming while sailing clear water among hundreds of islets. Legend has it that the gods wanted to round off his work of creation and the last day of their tears, stars and breath created – Kornati. When you sail on them, you will understand the size of their beauty. The vertical cliffs of the Kornati islands facing the open sea, the most popular phenomenon of this park, and called them “the crown”. See what they look like up close.
Two nautical centers are Zut and Piskera, a lot of the small fishing villages which are periodically inhabited. Great time for those who prefer only the roar of the wind and the sound of the waves!

Zadar, Telascica, Silba, Dugi Otok
Are you for sure cliffs or sandy beach? Everything is in one place

Kornati summer 2016 by Davor


If you sail in the Kornati pearls, do not miss the Park Nature Park in the southeastern part of the island, as one of the most beautiful and largest Adriatic bays, whose waters of 13 islands and islets.
Thanks to its position, protected from strong winds from the mainland and south to the open sea and one of the largest and best protected natural harbor on the east coast.
Keep exploring with Long Island with a dramatic west coast and cliffs that plunge into the sea. This island is a real example of a place where two opposites most evident – picturesque villages and secluded beaches in the clash with majestic cliffs and lush vegetation. Island beauty ideal for swimming and enjoying the purity of the sea and the beauty of nature, and be sure to visit the sandy beach Sakarun. Do not miss the beautiful Silba, an island where cars do not exist and whose marina is protected from the wind and the sail can be Silba and OLIBSKA channel, as well as visit the neighboring islands Premuda, Olib and Ilovik. Feeling? As if somebody has switched to a long time ago, when people lived in the countryside and from it.

Riviera Biograd islet of love for couples

Biograd has built the first yacht marina in Croatia and set up the first tourist signs. From Zadar or Biograd wonderfully sail Riviera Sibenik – from Darling and Pakostane in the east, via Biograd to St. Philip and James and Turnja the west, crows and Polače in the hinterland, including the islands of Pasman and Ugljan – two beautiful twin islands.
If you sail, keep in mind that in the Pasman channel between the island of Pasman and links collection on land situated islet Galešnjak. It is because of its heart-shaped popularly called the Island of Love. Although the surface of only 0,132 square kilometers and his whole coastline is 1.55 kilometers, Google Earth by 2008 as one of the several heart-shaped natural phenomena, there is to it attracted couples from around the world. Develop core and around the islands Gnalić, where in the 16th century in the wreck suffered wealthy merchant ship on its way from Venice, which still attracts explorers and scientists. And most of all – enjoy the view from the deck of the deep blue and green peaks of the island.

Brijuni, Rovinj, and Porec
National Park, which offers sea and forest and grassland

If you enjoy the crystal clear water, unspoiled nature, forests and green meadows which freely roaming animals? Brijuni with its 14 islands have it all, but to them, you can get from Fažana. The former are gathering European and international jet-set and the only national park in Istria, a real paradise of flora and fauna, historical monuments and rich evergreen vegetation. The coast of Mali Brijun is full of beach pebbles and bays. For you to just pick one that you like the most and to be surrounded by peace and quiet with the occasional cricket.
Nearby is the beautiful Rovinj Archipelago, with its 20 islands, which stretches north from Lim channel so south to Barbariga. Explore what’s so special on the island of Sveti Ivan or Summer! Safe and calm harbor for nautical navigation can be found in one of the three well-equipped marinas Porec, Porec after sailing waters.

Umag, Umag

A treat for the sailors because of the excellent facilities
And on the northwest coast of the Istrian peninsula, there are two destinations that are a real treat for lovers of sailing.

Umag, and Novigrad

Umag is a perfect spot to start a sailing adventure, while Novigrad imposed as a logical continuation of the story of the jewels of the Istrian coast. Umag has a fantastic marina, and of Novigrad is divided into seven major bays which is ideal to throw into the sea and relax. In Karigador is ideal to spend the night so early in the morning to buy fish from the newly arrived fishing boat.
When you sail in Pula can be found in the bay fully protected from the wind. Umag and Novigrad are ideal for a day or two of rest, during which you can visit the old city center and take advantage of all the benefits of civilization after a stay at sea. In addition, one should not miss the sunset on the beach Karpinjan and watch the colors spilling sea.
Opatija and Rijeka Riviera, Cres-Losinj archipelago, Rab, and Krk
Griffon vultures and the national park by the sea that foam

Abbey offers a safe haven and two marines, and we must bear in mind that you can stop in Lovran, Medveja or Mošćenička Dear if you want to swim. If you are your own special island, you’ll find it safe in the islands of Kvarner and next to the largest Croatian island of Krk. First, Galun, Zec, Plavnik, Kornati, Košljun and Sv. Marko true nautical destinations that offer unspoiled nature and bays of breathtaking. When you still need a few events, you will find plenty of them on the island and in the towns Baska, Malinska, Omisalj, Njivice or in the towns of Krk and Punat, which also has the largest marina on the Adriatic.
Also nearby are Cres and Losinj. The northern part of Cres is hidden in the Rijeka bay and is exposed to fierce gusts of wind. The southern part is protected from the wind and has a mild Mediterranean climate. Sailing towards Cres, should not miss the opportunity to swim at one of the beautiful bays with white beaches that have nestled between Mošćenička Draga and Brseč. Most of these bays are inaccessible from land and you will have your own private beach. With Cres, one can sail very close to the coast and the sea is very deep. Three nautical miles south of the entrance to the port in Cres is Valun. It stretches along the coast, surrounded by thickly wooded hills and locals Valun fishermen who offer their catch to sailors. Be sure to visit the  Pernat where it easily anchors and wonderful for swimming. Note the griffon (Bjeloglavi sup), where often flying griffon vulture – a beautiful and almost surreal scene!

The island of Losinj

Air on the island of Losinj is pleasant throughout the year and because of the abundance of pine forests and fragrant Mediterranean vegetation.This part Croatia is ideal to enjoy a clean, healthy air while watching the waves with your boat. There is also Susak, a unique island emerged from the sand, where it has 20 million cubic meters! A strange island rich in history you should not circumvent in their nautical adventure.
In the Kvarner islands and is one of Rab, which is an almost ideal visit by boat. Driving Barbat channel to Zavratnica is a real pleasure. As you get to Zavratnica, which is an integral part of Northern Velebit National Park, you will see the beauty of nature that will be forever etched in memory. Through the Velebit channel can extend to the once infamous Goli Island, then navigate wooded western side of the island of Rab, where swimming in the bays required.

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